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Dotfield was established in 1997. For 11 years the company has provided on-site consultancy and has built up, integrated and maintained software systems for companies.

Since 2009, Dotfield has been rebrandished as Dotfield Software Solutions, moved into its own office and built up its own development environment.

Nowadays, computer systems are an integral part of most lines of business. An efficient and well-written system can maximise the capability of a business to carry out its transactions within its deadlines.

With many businesses, the main personnel are highly skilled in their own field of expertise on which the business is based. However any business also requires an amount of administrative work, and more and more these are being handled by computing systems. Very often, these personnel are relative laymen when it comes to computer systems. Even those who do possess some or even good computing skills are often better off spending their own time doing what they are actually best at and leaving the technical side of things to others who are more specialist.

Many will employ their own technical staff to look after their computing systems, but this can come at a cost, and for many businesses there is either not enough work for full-time staff, or there is a need for a one-off project, after which there would be a problem as to what to do with the staff. Whilst there is likely to be ongoing enhancements and maintenance, this still might be insufficient work for full-time staff. Laying off employees can be an expensive business, not to mention that it can damage a company's reputation.

Even if a business takes the option of using typical "contract" staff, there is an issue that staff must be paid during the period while the software is being developed. This is an expensive overhead, especially for new business ventures, as there is actually no gain until the first phase of delivery, nor is there any real guarantee that the system will be delivered on time.

With Dotfield Software Solutions you may, with certain conditions, be able to pay on delivery, and in some circumstances may also be payable in installments over a period of time during which your own business is getting the benefits of the system.